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Forget about lack of space, at Bigbox we have the storage room you need, and always at the best price.

871 570 276

C. des Fusters 34. N 94-96

P.I. Montecristo. Ibiza

871 570 276

C. des Fusters 34. N 94-96

P.I. Montecristo. Ibiza

bigbox-style comforts

VIP storage rooms at economy class prices

At Bigbox we don’t just offer storage rooms. We want to treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

For this purpose, we offer several free services to make your life a little more comfortable.

We move your stuff for you

Just park in our car park, we’ll store your stuff for you.

Flexibility is our motto

Size, services, whatever you need, however you need it.

Safer than at home

We have the latest security measures. Nowhere else like here.

Packaging store

From shelving to packaging material, everything at your fingertips.

about us

what is it about bigbox

that makes it special

At Bigbox we want to go one step further. We are not just a storage centre. We are a company that looks after our customers. And that’s what we’ve wanted to do right from the start. From a private car park, to porters who collect your belongings and take them to your storage room. We have the latest security measures, and a shop with basic products for any storage room, all in the same place. And at no extra cost to the service. We are not just another storage room centre, we are Bigbox.

your home, more big

storage rooms that fit you like a glove

Tired of not knowing where to keep all your clothes? Or what to do with all the junk in that wardrobe? Renting a storage room has never been so easy.


Rent the storage room of the size you need, and don’t pay a single euro more for it. And only for as long as you need it.

for your big business

storage at your fingertips

Problems with stock, or perhaps with furniture, or with products that you can’t store in your warehouse?

We have the perfect storage room for you. Tailored to what you need, and for as long as you need. A month, a year, at Bigbox we have it.

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We are here to help you with whatever you need. Contact us for any questions you may have, or simply to rent.

C. des Fusters 34. Nave 94-96. P.I. Montecristo

871 570 276